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Workshop // Meet your Power Animal, Sunday Nov 26th


I spend a lot of time connecting and being in conversation with my guides. Guardian angels. Power animals. Light beings of various forms. At first it was pretty weird, to be honest it’s always pretty weird. But I’ve gotten used to the weird, and the thought of not having this connection with the energetic and angelic realms leaves me feeling sad…

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Meet Your Power Animal Workshop


Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices on the planet. It dates back 100,000 years. 100, 000. It’s the work of our ancestors. It’s a spiritual practice in which a non ordinary world is entered and you meet guides – that is power animals, to receive messages of the most accurate and potent kind. So, WTF is a power animal? And why…

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The whole bloody point. (Plus a workshop update).


So it’s been a while since I’ve popped in. Simply put – I’ve needed to hold space for myself and myself only. To contain and really feel everything that has been reverberating through my being. As you know, for those who have followed my journey for a while now, the past few years have been filled with deep shifts and deep awarenesses….

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It’s time. Are you ready?


An update. During a kinesiology session at the end of last year my kinesiologist said, ‘Are you thinking of moving clinic spaces?’. To which I replied, ‘Yes, no, yes. I’m doing nothing about it though’.  She paused. Received some info, and said ‘I think it’s time to start looking’.  We then proceeded to muscle test the location of the new space…

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Meditation. Can’t do it?


A post on meditating. The most common response I receive when I ask – ‘Do you meditate?’ is… ‘I can’t meditate’ ‘I don’t do it right’ Or, an awkward and almost shameful ‘No’. I’d like to achieve a few things in this post. To convince you there is no right way to meditate.  To eliminate some ridiculous ideas about meditation  And to offer…

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Don’t forget to…


Last year I didn’t have the energetic space to think about what I wanted to experience in 2016. All my normal modes of manifesting and calling in went out the window as I was forced to live week to week. At first this was brutal. I like dreaming big. I like putting out there what I desire. And then I…

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Questions. Good questions for your New Year.


I had every intention of writing to you before the year was out. I had wanted to share Marie Forleo’s video in which she asks the following 3 questions.     What’s one thing you did that you’re proud of?     What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned?     What’s one story you’re willing to let go of…

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No. 9: A year of completions, finalities, endings.


This year is a number 9.  And a number 9 year is all to do with completions, finalities, endings. Cycles, relationships, ways of being – done.  And it feels this way, right?  I know for a lot of us, this year has dished out some mighty lessons and experiences. All for the greater good – of course – but while…

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Trusting your intuition. How?


I get asked a lot ‘How can you tell when it’s your intuition and not your ego?’.  And the very short answer to this is – You just know. Honestly. This is the answer. And I know how annoying this is to hear. When your intuition is speaking to you. You do just know. This doesn’t help much though if you just don’t know. So, I’m going to attempt to offer…

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Why you haven’t heard from me.


It’s coming up 3 months since I last wrote. And truth be told, I haven’t wanted to. On various occasions I have sat down, blank page in front of me, cursor flicking. To then promptly shut my laptop and go outside, and stare at a tree. I got off social media too. Apart from the occasional scroll, I was over it. Social…

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