Welcome to my blog! If you’re curious about kinesiology and transformational life coaching and you would like to learn more, you’ve come to the right place. I regularly write kinesiology articles, and talk about how I use the modality to help my clients combat depression, anxiety, stress, and that feeling of being ‘lost’ in the world, but also empower them to be the best people they can be. Like what you’re reading? Come and see me in my Sydney kinesiology clinic or let’s set up a Skype session.

From suffering to liberation – the choice is yours.


If you’re interested in Self Transformation, if you’re a lover of moving from suffering to liberation… shamanic journeying is where it’s at. Why? Cause…. It’s a wonderful thing to be aware of your story. It’s fantastic to know your triggers, your patterns, your blocks… but unless you’re shifting them… it’s just a good story, or not such a good story. And…

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Questions. Answers.


I have a lot of questions. I ask a lot of questions. I have an insatiable want to understand every aspect of what it means to be spiritual – to be human and spiritual. My curiosities run deep and I seek answers of the highest truth and of the highest integrity. And so I ask questions. I’m lucky to have…

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What’s your soul trying to say to you?


If you know you have a soul purpose, a potential you’re yet to truly action, please read this post. And if you’re wanting to attend the next shamanic Meet your Power Animal Workshop scroll to the end for more info. *** So, if you read these sorts of blogs you’ll be conscious of the fact you have a soul. And…

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How to align to YOUR unique Soul purpose. For real.


I’m often told how lucky I am to have found my calling this life time. To be able to do the work I do and create a life around something I’m so passionate about. And it’s true, I’m incredibly fortunate, for which I offer up deep gratitude each day. And part of the reason I am able to live a…

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The ebbs are not punishing you. (Plus announcements)


It’s easy when you’re on the spiritual path to be disheartened – when things feel like they’re ebbing. We ask ‘What’s the point?’,  ‘Am I doing it right?’. If it’s not flowing surely something must be wrong? Kinda. But not always. I’ve learnt over the years and continue to learn, everything is 100% unfolding just as it should, and exactly when it should. I…

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Workshop // Meet your Power Animal


I spend a lot of time connecting and being in conversation with my guides. Guardian angels. Power animals. Light beings of various forms. At first it was pretty weird, to be honest it’s always pretty weird. But I’ve gotten used to the weird, and the thought of not having this connection with the energetic and angelic realms leaves me feeling sad…

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Meet Your Power Animal Workshop


Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices on the planet. It dates back 100,000 years. 100, 000. It’s the work of our ancestors. It’s a spiritual practice in which a non ordinary world is entered and you meet guides – that is power animals, to receive messages of the most accurate and potent kind. So, WTF is a power animal? And why…

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The whole bloody point. (Plus a workshop update).


So it’s been a while since I’ve popped in. Simply put – I’ve needed to hold space for myself and myself only. To contain and really feel everything that has been reverberating through my being. As you know, for those who have followed my journey for a while now, the past few years have been filled with deep shifts and deep awarenesses….

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It’s time. Are you ready?


An update. During a kinesiology session at the end of last year my kinesiologist said, ‘Are you thinking of moving clinic spaces?’. To which I replied, ‘Yes, no, yes. I’m doing nothing about it though’.  She paused. Received some info, and said ‘I think it’s time to start looking’.  We then proceeded to muscle test the location of the new space…

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Meditation. Can’t do it?


A post on meditating. The most common response I receive when I ask – ‘Do you meditate?’ is… ‘I can’t meditate’ ‘I don’t do it right’ Or, an awkward and almost shameful ‘No’. I’d like to achieve a few things in this post. To convince you there is no right way to meditate.  To eliminate some ridiculous ideas about meditation  And to offer…

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