Transformational Coaching + Kinesiology Individual Sessions

These sessions are conducted either in person or via Skype $250 inc. GST – 90 minute Session $200 inc. GST – 60 minute Session $100 inc. GST – 30 minute Tune up Session

Transformational Coaching + Kinesiology Programs

6 sessions Life Overhaul: $1,440 inc. GST – 6 x 90 minute sessions For this package you will be required to do a bit of pre work which would include completing a Life Assessment questionnaire in which you assess the following areas:

  • Relationships & Family
  • Physical
  • Business/ Career
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Lifestyle

We would then place the scores from this life coaching questionnaire onto what we call ‘The Wheel of Life’. This gives you the opportunity to really see where things are at and where adjustments need to be made. You will then complete a Gratitude assessment, Values evaluation and Strengths test. This allows you to access and connect with what makes you tick. Remind you of what makes you happy. Of your individuality. I think Coaching is a wonderful modality, and when you combine it with Kinesiology it gives you the ability to tap in to your subconscious mind and ultimately take the emotional charge out of situations. You’ll be in the most powerful position to align yourself with what you want. If you’re interested in signing up for the 6 sessions we would meet every fortnight for 90 mins.

Transformational Coaching + Kinesiology 6 sessions

6 sessions – Practitioner support: $1,440 inc. GST – 6 x 90 minute sessions This package is to support the practitioner starting out. It’s scary taking that leap of faith. Following through on ACTUALLY doing what you have said you will do for the past, 12, 24, 78 months! We’ve all done it. The amount of times you do a course having every intention of becoming this or that and then the excuses come… This package will examine all the things holding you back from achieving your desired dream role.

Workshops + Teaching

Shamanic Workshop: Meet Your Power Animal Workshop Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice on the planet. It’s a spiritual practice in which a non ordinary world is entered and you meet guides – that is power animals, to receive messages of the most accurate and potent kind. Read More >> Kinesiology Workshops: Touch for Health Synthesis – Levels 1 through 4  Learn how to muscle test and balance yourself, family and friends. Kinesiology + Yoga Workshops: Manifest like a MoFo A workshop centred around Manifesting, Abundance and Gratitude using Kinesiology techniques, yoga, meditation and wisdom. Want more info? Have a read here. A Transformational Rebalance Using yoga and the best kinesiology techniques and concepts you will be guided through HOW to reach a place of pure acceptance for everything ‘just as it is’. Corporate Workshops: Stress Management
- 10 minute techniques Using a combination of kinesiology, yoga and breath tools you will be taught how to manage stress. Techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere. Check out my Corporate Workshop PDF, “How to Stay Ahead of the Game”

Inspirational Talks: Whether it be for a wellness or corporate event, if you’re looking for an engaging, inspiring and soul stirring speaker, I’m your girl. Just ask any of these companies: barefootYoga-footerBody mind lifeMantraEgg




Conversations such as these are my favourite conversations to have. To get people thinking, to offer new perspectives to help motivate real action – it fires me up and excites me like nothing else. All talks can be tailored to meet your needs.To give you some ideas:

  • How to keep sane in a crazy busy world.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs. Clearing the space to really thrive.
  • Managing Stress – 10 minute techniques using a combination of kinesiology, yoga and breath work
  • How to really manifest.
  • Forgiveness and Letting go: Moving on once and for all.
  • Why Self Compassion is the foundation of Self Love and Self Acceptance.
  • The Power of Gratitude.

Be sure to also check out the Kinesiology + Yoga workshops currently on offer. These can also be tailored for your workplace or wellness group. Want more information? Contact me on or 0408 359 922.


South Coast Yoga + Kinesiology Retreat: Culburra House 3.5 hours from Sydney. Previous retreats have SOLD OUT! A house overlooking Culburra beach, an intimate crew, soulful chats, heart swelling convos, meditation, yin yoga, wholesome food, a glass or two of red. Join us as we take you through two days of seriously relaxing moments. When you get away, you want to return refreshed. This is our simple intention. The last event sold out, if you’re at all curious, follow through. Check out photos from our past retreats! Culburra